Prague city : the best places to go

Photo Prague city : the best places to go

Absinthe, Kafka, fairytale castles, an old statue of Stalin today exploded, etc. What to do in Prague? This is what we will discover to make your stay in Prague memorable.

The must-see places

Primarily, visiting Prague is discovering a medieval city with fairy-tale castles and narrow streets that have miraculously survived the wars and pangs of time. The city is also home to mechanical statues urinating and levitating babies.

Read the rest of this article: you will find out what to do and what to see in Prague. The Museum of Communism in Prague: visit the Museum of Communism, of course. This small, original exhibition, located just off Wenceslas Square, has a certain sense of humor.

Despite the sometimes-mild tone, this Prague museum tells the dark but captivating story of life in the communist era, where informants were present everywhere, where the people feared the secret police. Other museums to see in Prague:

  •  The Museum of Cubism, to know everything about cubism and its great years
  •  The Kampa Museum, Museum of Modern Art
  •  The Mucha Museum
  •  Franz Kafka Museum
  •  The Lobkowic Palace and its oldest and most important art collection in the Czech Republic.
  •  The KGB Muzeum

The old Town: when you love architecture and visit a city on foot, visiting old neighborhoods are always a good idea and even more so during a day in Prague! The Old Town is perfect if you are fond of beautiful houses dating from the 13th century, churches, and the tower of the Town Hall, and of course, the astronomical clock to see in the Old Town Square.

Take a tour of Prague Castle (and visit the cathedral): Prague Castle dominates the panorama as you climb the hill from Charles Bridge. Built in the 9th century AD, this castle is 570 meters long and is considered, "the largest ancient castle in the world".

The best places to eat

From the most chic to the most popular, from the most typical to the most exotic, here is a selection of the best restaurants in Prague

  •  Hotel Pod Veží: one of the best restaurants in Prague, or maybe the best. At this address, you will find a fine and delicious Czech cuisine, a real value for money considering the quality of the meal.
  •  U Medvídka: the traditional Czech brewery. It is one of the best restaurants in Prague to sample typical Czech specialties, but also to taste the world's strongest beer - the XBEER-33 - created using traditional methods.
  •  Etnosvet: a must in Prague. Etnosvet invites you to discover a vegetarian or refined vegan cuisine. Located near the I.P. Pavlova metro, you can enjoy the colorful dishes of chef Ondra Panoš, known to be one of the best.
  •  Yori Restaurant: the best Vietnamese restaurant in Prague. Vietnamese are the third-largest community in the country, after the Slovaks and Ukrainians. Thanks to it, it is possible to taste delicious Vietnamese dishes in the heart of the Czech capital.

Where to book and plan your trip?

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