Cruise on the Vltava : discover Prague by boat

Photo Cruise on the Vltava : discover Prague by boat

Prague is in the Czech Republic, located in the Northwest of the country. It is one of the largest cities in the European Union. Prague is famous for its museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas and other historical exhibits. Famous tourist attractions are Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Astronomical Clock, Jewish Quarter, Petrin and Vysehrad. The best time to visit Prague is Spring when the weather is mild.

Vltava River is the longest river in the Czech Republic. In fact, it runs from the Bohemian Forest, which is in the Southeast to Bohemia, which is in the North, and it passes through Prague. The Vltava River is a popular tourist destination. Cruising along the river is a wonderful vacation activity. What makes a cruise along the Vlatva fascinating?

Sightseeing Cruise on the Vltava

Touring Prague by boat is a fascinating experience. The tour may last from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your interests.

  •  View the beauty of the Prague Castle: This iconic landmark represents power. It was where the kings of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperors ruled the country. It serves as the main office of the Czech rulers and presidents.
  •  Have an awesome view of the Charles Bridge: The Bridge is an iconic landmark. It features statues of historical figures and important figures in Prague's history. You can learn a lot about Prague's history by visiting Charles Bridge. These statues range on both sides of the bridge from the Old Town to the Lesser Quarter in Prague.
  •  Admire the sight of the National Theatre: The theatre is a renowned place for cultural and artistic traditions. It is a popular venue for Ballet, Opera and Drama. To attend a cultural event at the National Theatre, you can book online by dialing the number on the official website. You can also buy your tickets online from the same website. You will be fascinated by the folk and fantasy elements in the shows.
  •  Visit Kampa Island: It is located in the Vltava River and its branch. Visit Kampa Park and discover the mill which dates back to the Renaissance and other historical places.
  •  Discover the Vysehrad Rock Castle: This fortress is among the most popular tourist attractions in Prague. It is located on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. It was once the seat of the Czech dukes. Nowadays it is a popular tourist venue for its history and architecture.

Plan your trip to Prague

Prague is a fascinating vacation venue, whether you go there for a short trip or for a long trip. Cruising along the Vltava River will give you a unique opportunity to discover the city of Prague in just a few hours. Besides, you can enjoy different kinds of activities during the cruise. If you have never been there before, it is helpful to make your flight and hotel reservation online.

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