Prague's architecture : visit the many churches

Photo Prague's architecture : visit the many churches

Prague; the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic; is the best destination for those who dream of discovering and enjoying the most incredible architecture in the world.

This country considers the culture as the main thing in life. It is traditionally one of the cultural centers of Europe which hosts several cultural events. The city has big international museums and many traditional spots that inspire thousands visitors who come to Czech every year. Churches are ones of the amazing buildings that interest people in Prague's.

Churches that visitors should not miss to visit while traveling in Prague

  •  Church of Our Lady Victorious

It is certainly a top monument of Prague, built with a complete architecture that makes it really attractive. Church of Our Lady Victorious is the oldest baroque church of the city.

The inside is more attractive than the outside. The best part of the church is located at the main facade which is covered in smooth gold and marble arranged by expert architects. The both sides all look luxury with the best view over-headed by an arch-shaped ceiling. Many tourists pay attention to this old church when taking a tour in Prague. 

  • St. Vitus Cathedra

This is a very big Cathedral which took hundreds years to finish. It is one of the most important attractions that attracts a large number of visitors in Prague. Many architects designed this church for a few centuries.

The Cathedral has a very tall tower, bronze door, a high altar, and golden arches at the top. It is connected to an impressive chapel which is St. Wenceslas Chapel. The Chapel, decorated by precious stones. Prague city is deeply proud of this impressive Cathedral because of its stunning view and the large amount of time that was required to build it. 

  • St. Salvator Church at Charles Bridge

St. Salvator Church is considered as one of the most important churches built with Baroque architecture in Prague. It is a popular tourist attraction that many visitors never forget while taking a tour in Prague. The church has an amazing view on the outside and also a breathtaking scenery on the inside. The facade is manly made with sand stones and decorated with saint statues. The furniture is made with precious high-density wood that makes the interior look very awesome. Some part of the church area also serves as a good spot for enjoying classical music and opera concerts throughout the year.

Traveling to Prague

If you travel to this Czech's Capital, never miss to visit the churches which are ones of the best attractions of the city. Many travel agencies can suggest you the best must-see spots to make your tour more enjoyable.

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